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Photo of product family: Brandschutzventil

The FDA-BU-RML coupling module is a combination of an air valve and a fire damper, coupled with a single housing. This is an alternative to typeical fire valves. The main advantages of the FDA-BU-RML are better fire rating and a smaller size with more product configurations and application options. The main component of the coupling module is the CFDM fire damper. The fire damper is available in Ø 100, 125, 160, and 200 mm. The wing blade of the damper provides a very low resistance to the air flow. The fire damper can be ordered with one or two optional limit switches to feed back the actual blade position. The FDA-BU-RML coupling modules match the most popular versions of air supply or exhaust valves which can be replaced with one another, even with the coupling module installed in a partition or already in use. The entire coupling module is compact. As a result, the air valves with the mounting frames cannot exceed 50 mm in height. This sizing requirements are met by these air valves: KW, KWI, KW-K, KWV, KN, KNI, KNV, and KN-K, and mounting frames: RM, RMI, and RML. Note: Air valves are sold separately. The FDA-BU-RML coupling modules are intended for installation in fire partitions, either walls or separating floors. The coupling module is installed in a partition just like a typeical fire valve: an installation opening must be made, the coupling module must be fitted in the opening, and the gaps must be sealed with fire-proof material having appropriate fire resistance. Note: The fire resistance rating EIS 120, EIS 90 and EIS 60 is represented respectively as follows in product codes: 12, 09 and 06.


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Photo of product Brandschutz Ventil FDA-BU-RML Brandschutz Ventil Brandschutz Ventil
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