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2019-02-19Meet us at ISH 2019

Meet us at ISH 2019

We would like to invite you to visit ISH 2019 which will take place in Frankurt on 11-15 March. 2019. Let's meet at ISH 2019 at Alnor's stand no C31 in Hall 8.0.

We'll be expecting You from 11. - 14.3.2019 (Monday to Thursday): 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, and on 15.3.2019 (Friday - Public day): 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Don't miss opportunity for talk about our new products which can make your offer more attractive, amongst them smoke extraction system, new models of fire dampers and VAV and CAV regulators. .

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2019-02-19MOCarz-CA - Nutzen Sie die positive Seite der Kohle

MOCarz-CA - Nutzen Sie die positive Seite der Kohle

Better filtration properties: 

The new MOCarz-CA a filter box has been equipped with a brand new active carbon filter. In MOCarz-AC filter box, the initial flat filter was replaced with an activated carbon filter with the „W” design. The main purpose of such a material is deodorization of the air and preliminary cleaning of dust and gaseous pollutants. It doesn’t generate additional air flow resistance in comparison to the standard MOCarz version!


  • Filtration and purification of the outside air from smels,
  • PM2,5 removal efficiency reaches up to 73%, and PM10 removal efficiency - up to 81%,
  • Airtight filter casing,
  • More accurate filtration properties thanks to the usage of two filters: prefilter and anti-smog filter,
  • No additional resistance to the standard MOCarz filter box! I has been observed even a few percent lower initial resistance of the clean filter!
  • The perfect solution for domestic ventilation systems with a heat recovery.

You probably already have such a filter in your car. Install it also in your home!


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2019-01-02Alnor im Business-Gazellen Ranking 2018

Alnor im Business-Gazellen Ranking 2018

Das Ranking „Gazele Biznesu” ist eine Rangliste von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen mit der schnellsten Entwicklungsrate. Als Gazelle erkennt die Zeitschrift „ Puls Biznesu” ein mittelgroßes Unternehmen, das dank eines außerordentlich dynamischen Wachstums auch unter viel größerer Konkurrenten ausgezeichnet klarkommt. Die Ranglisten „Gazele Biznesu“ werden jedes Jahr durch Wirtschaftszeitschriften der schwedischen Gruppe Bonnier Press Group erstellt. Neben "Puls Biznesu" werden solche Aufstellungen durch Schwesterzeitschriften in Schweden, Dänemark, Österreich, Lettland, Russland, Estland und Slowenien vorbereitet. Die Wahlkriterien der Gazellen sind in den einzelnen Ländern an lokale Wirtschaftsverhältnisse angepasst, aber in allen ist das Ziel gleich: kleines und mittleres Gewerbe zu fördern.

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2019-01-02Welches PremAIR wirst du wahlen?

Welches PremAIR wirst du wahlen?

Heat recovery ventilation unit HRU-PremAIR is a modern device with 350 / 450 or 500 m3/h air flow @ 100 Pa!!

Unit is made from cutting edge materials - PET or aluminim heat exchanger and EPP self-supporting casing. The device operation is controlled by an advanced PCB with wireless communication between control panels and sensors. IN addition, the
HRU-PremAIR can be connected to the Internet and controlled by an mobile application.
HRU-PremAIR-450 is certified by Passive House Institute and can be used as a certified component in passive houses.

Key performance features:
 • Heat recovery:
        HRU-PremAIR-350 - up to 92,9%
        HRU-PremAIR-450 - up to 93,4%
        HRU-PremAIR-500 - up to 82,6%
 • Certified heat exchanger from PET with high performance (Eurovent Certification) and hygienic compliance with DIN EN ISO 846 standard
 • Hi-tech modern casing made of Expanded Polypropylene - EPP
 • High mechanical resistance
 • High thermal and acoustic insulation
 • Modulated by-pass
 • Free-cooling and Free-heating functions
 • Performance tested according to EN 13141-7 standard
 • Complies with ErP2018
 • Wall mounting racks and feet included
 • Replaceable duct connections
 • Wireless control through mobile application or web browser
 • Remote control possible by any CO2 or RH wireless sensor
 • Light weight construction – only 32 kg!
 • POLISH product

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2018-10-15HRU-WALL-RC - drahtlose Steuerung der dezentralen Rekuperation

HRU-WALL-RC - drahtlose Steuerung der dezentralen Rekuperation

NEW! Push-pull heat recovery unit with remote control:

  • Infra-red remote controller with touch technology, LCD display and wall base supplied as standard.
  • Regenerative heat exchanger with ceramic core; high thermal efficiency (up to 82%).
  • 5 speeds:  20-30-40-50-60 m3/h.
  • Automatically manages the cycle length in COMFORT mode.
  • Dirty filter visual indicator.
  • Boost function - maximum air flow for limited time – 5th speed for 15 minutes.
  • Integrated humidity sensor – smart humidity control, increases speed if rapid rise of relative humidity is measured
  • Anti-frost protection.
  • Free-cooling - only one direction.


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2018-09-04Meet us at SMM 2018

Meet us at SMM 2018

Join ALNOR team at the largest fair trade for Marine industry in Germany SMM 2018 in Hamburg between 4-7.09.2018. 

We're presenting 5 complete ventilation systems for marine applications: pre-insulated ductwork with 10, 16 and 25mm insulation, air insulate ductwork and aluminium system, as well as offshore ventilation system made of stainless steel.

You are very welcome in Hall B5, booth B5.516 to talk with us about cooperation.

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2018-07-17Dralldurchlaesse GCR

Dralldurchlaesse GCR


NEU - Decken-Dralldurchlässe GCR

  • Aus verzinktem Stahlblech beschichtet in weiss RAL 9010
  • Die Dralldurchlässe sorgen durch die hohe Induktionswirkung für eine schnelle, wirkungsvolle Vermischung von Zuluft und Raumluft und ermöglichen einen hohen Luftwechsel und Zug freie Lufteinbringung.
  • Die Lamellen sind fest eingestellt.
  • Der Durchlass kann für Deckeneinbau, Deckenaufbau und Sichtmontage verwendet werden. Fuer Hotels, Restaurants oder Buerogebueden bis zu 4 Meter Hoehe geignet
  • Groessen- zwischen 125mm und 400mm
  • Nach Bedarf mit Lippendichtung oder ohne, Muffe oder Nippelweise gefertigt. Mit oder ohne Perforation


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2018-07-01DAT-AKU - Schalldämm - Volumenelement

DAT-AKU - Schalldämm - Volumenelement


NEW - Plastic foam damper/silencer:

  • made of polyurethane foam,
  • regulation of air flow and noise suppression in the ventilation system,
  • thickness: 50 mm or 75 mm,
  • non-combustible material (class B2 according to DIN4102-1),
  • a wide range of sizes,
  • the possibility of using several dampers at a time in the ventilation duct.

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2018-03-06NEW - PremAIR from Alnor

NEW - PremAIR from Alnor

NEW - Heat recovery unit PremAIR-500:

  • Heat recovery up to 95%,
  • Free-cooling and Free-heating functions,
  • Wireless control via a mobile application (Android and iOS systems),
  • Lightweight design - only 32kg,
  • CO2 and RH sensors (optional).

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2018-03-01Meet us at Mostra Convegno

Meet us at Mostra Convegno

ALNOR Ventilation Systems once again will be an exhibitor on the Mostra Covegno. 

In 2018 You will see new product like: circular and square fire dampers, CAV and VAV regulators, chemically resistant ducts and fittings.

You are welcome in Hall 22, stand S53 to talk with us about cooperation.

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