To care about environment

Our company wants to be „green” company, that means we want to care about environment. We take a lot of actions to reduce environmental pollution and to promote ecological attitude among our customers, employees and suppliers.

Yet our main initiative was to stop printing advertising materials and promoted reducing paper using in our business environment.

To care about environment we undertake many initiatives, like, we collect and transform secondary raw materials (foil, wastepaper, wooden pallets), we also introduce a lot of innovation eg., to our customers we delivery ventilation ducts in returnable packing (mobil-rack).

To our production we use ecological sheet metal without chrome which is in accordance with EU instructions.

Why we do this?

To use natural raw materials reasonable and sedate, also because, we want natural resources to serve us longer and remain in good condition…

Materials which we recycle:

  • Paper packing
  • Plastic packing
  • Used wood
  • Refrigerants