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Lüftungsgerät mit der Wärmerückgewinnung - Gegenstromwärmetauscher aus PET und CF-System

Photo of product HRU-PremAIR-500-CF

Heat recovery ventilation unit HRU-PremAIR-500 is a modern device with 500 m3/h air flow @ 100 Pa. Unit is made from cutting edge materials – aluminium heat exchanger and EPP selfsupporting casing. The device operation is controlled by an advanced PCB with wireless communication between control panels and sensors. IN addition, the HRU-PremAIR
can be connected to the Internet and controlled by an mobile application.

Key performance features: 
• Heat recovery ratio 82,6%
• Hi-tech modern casing made of Expanded Polypropylene - EPP
• High mechanical resistance
• High thermal and acoustic insulation
• Modulated by-pass
• Free-cooling and Free-heating functions
• Performance tested according to EN 13141-7 standard
• Complies with ErP2018
• Wall mounting racks and feet included
• Replaceable duct connections
• Wireless control through mobile application or web browser
• Remote control possible by any CO2 or RH wireless sensor
• Light weight construction –only 35 kg!
• POLISH product

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