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EPP-Schaumrohr-Bogen EPP-BPF-45

Photo of product EPP-BPF-45

45˚ ventilation bend made of expanded polypropylene (EPP).
Bends are produced in diameters 125, 150, 160 and 180mm.
The standard wall thickness is 15mm (gray). Available on
request 43mm thick (black color). Each bend is delivered
with one female coupling in the set, the connection method
eliminates thermal bridges. The 90˚ bend can be cut in half
along the extrusion, forming two 45˚ bends (an additional
EPP-MSF may be needed).

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Rohr und Formteile aus EPP - Produktfamilie
Foto Artikel Nr Artikel Name Download
Photo of product EPP-Schaumrohre 
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Photo of product EPP-Schaumrohr-Bogen EPP-BPF-45 EPP-BPF-45 EPP-Schaumrohr-Bogen EPP-BPF-45 EPP-Schaumrohr-Bogen EPP-BPF-45
Photo of product EPP-Schaumrohr-Bogen EPP-BPF-90 EPP-BPF-90 EPP-Schaumrohr-Bogen EPP-BPF-90 EPP-Schaumrohr-Bogen EPP-BPF-90
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