Wentyle – Professional and free design solution


WENTYLE 6.0 is a popular free application to assist ventilation design in AutoCAD, BricsCAD, IntelliCAD-ArCADia, GstarCAD and 4M-IntelliCAD. The software contains complete libraries of actual selection of ventilation system and accessories manufacturers, which greatly enhances design work. The complete library of ducts and accessories by ALNOR – Ventilation Systems is especially noteworthy.

The application automatically creates a list of components used in the design. These components are taken from manufacturer libraries, but it is also possible to include “own components” in the design, and these components shall also be included in the list. A great advantage of the application is the ability to edit the placed installation components. It is possible to resize the placed component, but also change the presentation by changing the viewing angle. Moreover, the calculation capabilities of the application for the AutoCAD version are also highly noteworthy.

Wentyle application also offers a number of highly specialized, automatically generated list types. It is possible, for example, to list the elements in the design broken down by diameter range/duct cross-sections, following the key widely used in tenders, the National Contractors Estimation. Another interesting list type that can be generated by the application is the so called “technological export”, which is a text file which can be parsed directly by the control system of the metal sheet cutter by ALNOR, allowing to skip the manual data input and ensuring that the product received is an accurate representation of the design.

Of course, we should not forget the features that are already well known from the previous versions of Wentyle. The most important feature is path design. This design method allows to quickly build large duct networks. The program, as though following the broken line drawn by the designer, fills in the ventilation ducts and junctions as appropriate. It is also possible to insert reducers and T-junctions “along the way”, this applies both to square and round ducts...

Wentyle – Professional and free design solution
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